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About the book

I'm resilient is a journal designed to help today's youths understand what resilience is, why it is important, and how to cultivate it. 

But this isn't your typical "journal". It features hands-on activities and interactive assignments--it goes way beyond standard journal entry writing assignments. 

Journal readers are encouraged to put the book down, interact with others, learn from the world around them, create, and think!

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Why this book?

"Put simply, because today's kids need it," says the author Yolanda Newton.  "It doesn't matter how brilliant a kid is, how hard they work, how gifted or talented they are, how growth mindset they are, how blessed with natural abilities they are--if they get knocked down and can't get back up strong they'll never reach their highest potential."

This book is designed for today's young journalists' by keeping their attention with color pages, hands-on activities, short assignments, and encouraging interactive tasks. It also keeps this hash-tag generation engaged through the use of several online and technological connections

This is more than a traditional journal on the topic of resilience. This book is an instrument that young people can use to explore themselves as they build this important characteristic. With this knowledge, they are on the way to becoming all they dream of!

About the author

Yolanda has been a professional educator for over 10 years, including several years directly teaching social-emotional and personal growth classes. She has taken what she learned and experienced a developed a new curriculum. This book, I'm Resilient, is the first release. 


Fun and fast-paced


Encourages self-exploration

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Get ready to do something different


Sure, you'll need a pencil for this journal.

You'll also need art supplies, a sense of exploration, some funny emojis, and more!

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Pre-order now for

the lowest

online price. Plus it's signed by the author.


Pre-order now

Buy now for the lowest online price available. PLUS, it will be signed by the author. Show your support now, and snag a pre-launch copy of the book. 

The listed sale price will be $17.

Grab a pre-launch copy now for $15 including shipping. This will be the lowest online price available for the book and will be available only until the book officially launches. 

All pre-launch orders will be signed copies of the book, making it a special item only available during pre-launch.  

Pre-launch copies will be mailed by early April 2020.

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